DMCC (Diploma in Medicine in Conflict and Catastrophe) April 2024

Established in 1994

The Diploma in Medicine in Conflict and Catastrophe (DMCC) is a postgraduate professional award from the Faculty of Conflict and Catastrophe, The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries, London. The award is given after following the Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine Course and passing a written and an oral examination.

The 11-month part-time course commences in January and participants have up to 2 years to complete it. The course is designed for postgraduate health professionals intending to work in humanitarian emergencies mainly in low/middle-income countries. But some of the principles taught also apply to any country affected by a disaster such as flooding or a mass terrorism event. More details are available here.

Allied healthcare professionals that have completed the course (e.g. Paramedics, Pharmacists) may sit the examination, on an individual basis at the discretion and approval of the Convenor.

Examination Format

The Diploma examination comprises a written, short answer question paper to be held online and an objective structured clinical and skills examination.

Full details are provided in the Guide to the Diploma and the Administrative Guidance to Candidates.